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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning. i'm kristen sze. cheryl jennings is off. president obama just wrapped up a rally in denver even if he lost last night according to analysts. mitt romney riding new wave of momentum into the swing state of virginia brandi hitt has more. >> reporter: the first presidential debate started with a handshake then turned into an aggressive assault by mitt romney as he went after the president's last four years in office. >> middle income americans have been buried, crushed.
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>> reporter: he described the programs he would cut. >> i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs, i like you too but i'm not going to keep skpepbding money -- to keep spending money on things to borrow to pay for it. >> the president: five million jobs in the auto sector created housing has begun to rise. >> reporter: he said there was no way romney could cut taxes without adding to the deficit. >> the president: now he's saying his big bold idea is never mind. >> reporter: the president never brought up the 47% comment or bain capital. he seemed unassertive and looked down during attacks. most say it was romney who won this debate. >> moments like these can wipe the slate clean watch has gone on the last month. >> reporter: as both hit the campaign trail this afternoon. >> two more debates look up
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and give it to mitt romney. also -- >> reporter: this debate is making political history on twit we are the creation of new hash tag fired big bird. brandi hitt, abc7 news. coming to president obama's defense al gore who is suggesting obama's lackluster performance might be blamed on altitude sickness. the next debate is a week from today in kentucky when biden and ryan face off. . back in vallejo police have arrested a retire mad reason for allegedly shooting and killing two of his neighbors. that happened in the flown cove neighborhood 6:00 last night. police found two men 50 and 58 dead at the scene. a 65-year-old man surrendered
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after a 45 minute standoff. police say all three knew each other. investigators state suspect owned several guns. san jose police looking for killers on the loose after two shootings in different parts of town taking place within hours of each other . the 35th homicide happened downtown after a fight, the 36th happened following a birthday party at a home. >> reporter: we just heard from police that these investigations are just getting underway there's things they don't know, one is, in the first killing what killed that man they are not sure in the second, there's dispute about gang-related. there may have been gang members coming in but the people in that birthday party say they were innocent victims. for some all they could do was pay respects to a man. police state victim was
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standing outside a residence near the 680 overpass when a suspect or suspect as approached and someone opened fire. one mantles abc 7 there was a birthday party going on. >> they all happened to go in the house and get plates ready so they could eat when one of the guys walked out and see a bunch of gang members they ran up to my property with blue bandanas and shot down the guys that were here, shot one and he was killed. >> reporter: that witness says it was not a gang shooting. police are not so sure. >> we have a belief that it is possibly gang-related. again we are not releasing information on that part of it. >> reporter: earlier in the evening another homicide 100 block of south second street. police responded to a report of a fight and fond a man unconscious he was taken to the hospital and pronounced
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dead. police don't know how he died. >> nothing obvious which is why we need an autopsy. as soon as we get that information we'll provide that information. >> reporter: 36 homicides in san jose so far in year pretty much on track with last year, there were 41 and that was a 15 year high. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. gay rights groups are planning to protest in afternoon outside st. mary's in san francisco. that's where bishop cordileone will be installed as the new archbishop of the san francisco archdiocese. the 56-year-old former bishop of oakland is a staunch supporter of ban on same-sex marriage. cal-state has selected new chancellor to run the largest system of four year colleges in the country, timothy p white will replace charles reed in december.
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he is the chancellor at uc riverside. >> the woman who abandoned her 10-year-old after shoplifting at a safeway store is back -- -- is on her way back. officers are transporting her on an extradition order today. $6,000 reward being offered for the return of a dog stolen from the home of a 10-year-old san jose girl. monday thieves broke through a glass door, stole electronic equipment and five-month-old dog named miko. police and city councilmembers pitched in to offer reward the dog has a microchip. just ahead, major
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milestone for facebook. the status update mark you canner -- mark zuckerberg made this morning. rare and beautiful sight, a's fans line up t
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facebook now has more than a billion users. mark zuckerberg made that status update this morning.
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he acknowledges the company is going through a bit of a rough patch. today the stock is trading about $22 per share down from $38 when it debuted. today at 3:00 on katie top woman at facebook sits down for a one-on-one. chief operator officer sheryl sandberg opens up to katie today at 3:00 followed by abc7 news at 4:00. bay area and baseball world still buzzing over the remarkable aren't by the a's. fans got in line early to buy tickets to see the a's play the tiger in the american league division series next week in oakland. the a's beat the rangers yesterday to win the al west championship, capping improbable regular season most experts predicted the a's to finish last. >> the a's best of pfizer reese against the tigers begins saturday in detroit, --
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game time 3:00 our time. the giants also in the playoffs. they host the reds saturday night at 6:30. bay then our weather should be much cooler after a heatwave. lisa argen is ahead to talk more about our forecast. it is pretty nice outside now in our east bay a little wind blowing by the delta, 70 antioch, gusty wind at 36 miles an hour, downtown still a lot of grey out there, as we head out with the grey conditions it is going to take a while to clear you can tell that overcast is with us we'll peek out into sunshine in parts of the bay san francisco i should say. weather is next. also, the humanitarian side of the military. why local officials climbed onboard a navy ship today. later, helping victims of domestic violence. the event going
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look up in the skies this afternoon over the bay and you might spot the blue angels.
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this is a live picture of the amphibious assault ship docked along the embarcadero in san francisco where the mayor officially welcomed the navy's arrival where amy hollyfield joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. fleet week is about the blue angels, let's be honest the highlight. local officials want you to know that fleet week is more than just an air show. they say step onboard the uss macon island to learn more. this floating city was too busy to visit san francisco during fleet week last year the crew was preparing for a long deployment. but it is back. and the crew is ready to give you a tour. >> it is interesting to see people are great to meet. definitely come out. >> reporter: local dignataries and emergency workers climbed onboard today to meet with military leaders. they are focused on how they
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will work with the mill -- military if in is a disaster and we help. >> they are experts in logistics and we need that expertise should there be a big disaster that happens here that closes our roads. >> reporter: that focus has been a shift in festivities. two years ago local leaders decided to make fleet week more than an air show. they brought attention to the humanitarian aid the military can offer. officials say each year the relationships have strengthened. >> truth be told, we are not just learning about the military, they are learning about us and we are leaning a lot about how things might play out. >> reporter: onboard the ship has six operating rooms, 17 icu beds and an elevator from the flight deck to the triage room this is what you will see if you take a tour. if the last visit is any indication, expect long lines to get in. >> it worth the wait to see
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what your navy does for you. the living conditions onboard are exceptional. a lot of people don't get that from standing on the street and looking at the big grey shipism -- ship. >> reporter: he's very proud of his big grey ship you can't miss it pier 30, public tours start saturday 9:00 in the morning blue angels get start today, their practice today stars at 1:00, tomorrow they practice from 4 to 5. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. sailors of a different kind will be on the bay teams competing in the america's cup are racing twice this afternoon at 12:20 and 5:10. 11 teams, similar event took place in august this competition runs through sunday the best viewing is from the america's cup village at marina green in san francisco. for the sailors and spectators, lisa how quickly the conditions change.
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big time we are getting sunshine over the bay now, that is good. as we head out, you can see the partly cloudy sky, temperatures certainly cooler than what we've been used to. this is going to be our new normal. this weather is going to stick around for quite sometime. emeryville looking brighter at this hour, live doppler 7 hd shows low clouds, fog earlier into the east bay now beginning to evaporate and retreat in santa rosa and napa still have cloudy skies, san rafael 59, livermore 67, 66 by the delta winds up to 36 miles per hour,mont diablo had a 24 mile an hour wind gust last hour. 15° cooler in concord, sunny cooler, cloudy at our coast cool pattern continues into next week chance of showers monday, tuesday as well. highs yesterday look at this 10 to 20° cooler in spots
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yesterday oakland was 89, 69 today, 16° of cooling in san francisco high of 63, more 70s fort tri-valley and the reason why, yes onshore flow has -- has green taller and deeper southwest term winds stay with us -- throughout the afternoon, more low clouds and fog and cooler overnight numbers today we saw 50s and near 60, 49 santa rosa for tomorrow morning. grab the jacket and right now even though the marine layer is retreating still deep out there it will stay cloudy at our coast sun around the bay this area of low pressure hanging out today, tomorrow into next week as well. it doesn't want to go away once it moves over the bay it is a cut off low perhaps showers monday, tuesday. cooler conditions through the weekend into next week. then it looks like it might head a little south into southern california, cut off
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lows have a mind of their own we'll watch it for you. waterfront low 60s with a few peeks of sun not bad, breezy, 69 in the city, 74 palo alto, 79 over the hills and we'll look for the monterey bay to slowly clear today lots of clouds around now. here's a look ahead, couple degrees of cooler tomorrow into saturday then maybe a few raindrops monday and tuesday. what would you do if you won $49,000? big question. with abc, you will find out, we are giving away $49,000 for all our facebook friends. everybody is eligible whether you are a new fan or about with us for a while enter the sweepstakes go to our facebook page, film out a short form and could you win. go to abc7 news.
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winner october 18th, after the 49ers game we'll announce the winner. i'm anxious to see who it is. lots of folks trying to win, good luck. >> you still have time to enter. new study out you have uc berkeley links common chemical to hormone changes in pregnant women and their baby boys. compound bpa mimics female hormone estrogen mothers with high levels of bpa had a less active thyroid while their newborn boy had a more active thyroid no impact on baby girls. normal thyroid function is essential to growth of fetuses and children. fundraiser gets underway shortly in the east bay to raise money for an organization that helps victims of domestic violence. actor and former pro football player victor rivers of the
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dolphins will be the keynote speaker at the annual benefit luncheon. you can see rivers spoke to cheryl jennings this morning about the abuse he endured as a child. >> i graw up in a home where domestic violence and child abuse took place on a level of torture. when i say that i'm not exaggerating, i was beaten, tied up, locked in closets, hammered, burned. to name a few of the things that happened. what i had to witness was harder the unbelievable brutality against my mother. >> rivers is now a national spokesman for victims of abuse. he says organizations like stand for families, free of violence in need of assistance. for more information and how you can help go to and click on see it on tv. still ahead, a lot going on this weekend in the bay area. big music festival in
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golden gate park. details on that after mo
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today on katie mark zuckerberg's right hand woman sheryl sandberg at 3:00. at 4:00, the green solution to the cardboard box the newest innovation for your next move without the waste. and at 5, judging by the tweets from the presidential debate we'll tell you who walked away the winner. those stories and more on abc7 news at 4 and 5. >> this will be one of the most eventful weekends the bay area has seen with more than half a dozen major events at
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the same time, fleet week, america's cup sailing race. here's don sanchez with a look at a lot more.
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with so many big events it is threatening to be a major traffic headache. we have a map where you can click on each event to avoid traffic hot spots thanks for joining us.
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